"Attracting and retaining top talent remains a continual challenge for 2017”

“Culture is core to the success of organisational financial performance”

"Inclusive leadership is a key enabler to creating more diverse and inclusive workplaces"

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We combine over 25 years of recruitment insight with a suite of specialist communication skills and intuitive technologies, designed to enhance your workforce engagement experience. We cover everything from initial attraction to maintaining ongoing retention. It's because we know, first hand, that a valued workforce is a loyal workforce, where happiness breeds productivity… which is the driver for growth.
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As the war for talent hots up, UK businesses are working ever-harder to find, attract and retain the best talent. Therefore, we're here to lead cultural change in how you engage with your workforce. Through smarter communication and collaboration, we nurture a closer association of your employee belonging, safety and security, as part of the wider workforce community, regardless of them being part-time, remote or non-desk based.

Over the years we've seen the good, the bad and the ugly side of internal business communication. We know what alienates individuals, what corrodes trust, what disenfranchises entire departments, and we know good communication lies at the heart of all good relationships. Therefore, at Workvine, we're committed to working collaboratively with you to leverage the best out of your workforce, bringing together wider stakeholder groups with greater commonality, to create a more open, productive, efficient culture.

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Increase your top talent ratio

Today's workforce expect more from their employer and are continually exposed to other opportunities. So reimagine how you connect with top talent, use a broader business narrative to establish credibility and differentiate your employer brand.



Recruit top talent faster

In this extremely competitive space, employing a smart tool that reduces time wastage, delivers data driven insights and integrates with your recruitment workflow is essential to a smoother, employment experience for company and candidate.



Yield greater productivity

If employees feel safe and valued, feeling as though they belong, they will reach a state of motivated esteem and a realisation of full potential. Open communication is the foundation on which a loyal workforce stands.



Reach higher productivity levels quicker

So you've created the perfect messages, now you can store them and use them again and again. Dip into your Digital Library, accessible from anywhere in the world, and at any time.



Drive your business growth

No matter the scale of organisation, replacing an employee is a costly and disruptive business. Although a level of churn is expected, retaining your top talent is essential to minimizing operational disruption and maximizing growth opportunities.


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