Employee branding

Increase your ratio of top talent

We’ve seen the role of talent attraction and recruitment rapidly evolve, with companies now leveraging social video and platforms to aggressively market their employer brand.

Today’s workforce expect more from their employer and are continually exposed to other opportunities. So reimagine how you connect with top talent, use a broader business narrative to establish credibility and differentiate your employer brand.

Broader choice
Broader choice

Maximise your opportunity of attracting more of the best people with the right skills.

Right place right time
Right place right time

Position your brand in right places with the right channels to engage at the right level.

Rapid production
Rapid production

Create content and frameworks that attract attention – then simply duplicate.

career pages

Build compelling career pages that present your brand culture via written or video content. Integrate with applicant tracking systems, job boards and relevant social media platforms to maximise engagement with your talent pool.

Digital and social

Use a suite of specialist digital marketing and advertising tools to attract and drive action from potential applicants. Reach out via channels that include Facebook’s career app, social job posting, recruitment pay-per-click and programmatic ad campaigns and Google Adwords.

employer brand video

Use video to tell the story of your brand, your culture, your work environment and your people. Rise above the bland rhetoric of your competitors to inspire interest and a desire to work in your business.

Sarah Beynon
Flex Recruitment

Using social media advertising enabled us to recruit over 30 highly skilled workers for our client which we couldn’t fill from traditional methods. It was a revelation to me and hugely profitable for us.