Improve Your Employee Experience

An engaged, productive and loyal workforce is a dream scenario for any business leader or HR professional.

Unfortunately, not every talented employee that’s hired stays with a business long enough to make a positive contribution. Quickly we can find ourselves back at the start of the process, incurring further recruitment, training and onboarding costs.

Many forward-thinking companies have opted to use technology such as the employee app to help engage and retain their best employees.

Via an employee app you can share your culture and add to the employee experience at every stage of the employee lifecycle. When it’s finally time to say goodbye, engaged employees will still remain brand advocates for life.

Just a Few great features of Workvine’s Employee Experience Platform

Communicate with office, mobile, warehouse, remote and lone workers, no matter where they are

Engage and inspire employees with video updates, news, instructions, events, surveys, time tracking, holiday requests and so much more

Deliver training and refresher courses, ‘on-mobile’ and ondemand

Capture employee feedback and encourage constant improvement

Retain more employees by keeping employees informed and engaged

Chat – enable peer to peer communication with instant messenger

Send Push Notifications Instantly to all employees, a division or a select group

Surveys – Easily survey your employees from within the app and gain instant feedback

News and Information – Keep your staff up to date with the latest company activity

Additional Features

Own Branded App – Your app can be personalised to match your branding

Easy integration – integrate existing information from active directory to SharePoint

User Management – Easily add, edit and invite employees to the app

Employee directory – All important information on your employees can be stored in the app in addition to emergency contacts and responsible authorities

Enterprise grade security – We ensure your data is as safe as possible. We do daily backups and have an uptime of 99.9%

Works in all your channels – The app includes a fully responsive counterpart for your browser. It easily integrates with your HR tools, content system, and other software

What Our Customers Say

“It’s engaging, mobile friendly, the latest technology and creates happy and engaged employees”.

Marketing Manager – SMT

“Everyone has the opportunity to respond and to comment and let us know that they’ve seen it. The app keeps everyone involved in the company and up to date with what’s going on”.

HR – AD Construction

“It gives us a a really quick and quality way of communicating with staff. It looks and feels the same high quality you would get from the big social media sites”.

CEO – Peaks & Plains Housing Trust

Ready to see how an employee app can improve the employee experience? Request a 30-minute guided tour of the app today!

Top Employee Experience App FAQ’s
  1. Is it easy for my employees to install?
    Easy onboarding, even for workers with no @company email address. Just install from the Google Play or App Store. Alternatively you can choose the enterprise route and have your own download page.
  2. Can I use the app for recognition?
    There are a number of recognition platforms that can be integrated into the app. Or just use the existing plugins to recognise employees that have done a great job. You can even create a form to ask employees to nominate a colleague.
  3. Does the app work on any device?
    The app works on all devices. Smarthpone, tablet and desktop pc.
  4. Can the app be used in different countries/languages?
    The app supports content in more than 30 languages. Furthermore, the interface can be displayed in eight languages including Chinese.
  5. How do I improve engagement on the app?
    Share a variety of content on a regular basis. The app allows you to schedule news at regular intervals. Use a mixture of images and video. Engage employees with polls and quizzes, ask for feedback using a form or survey and ask your employees to rate their day. Encourage two way communication by allowing employees to comment and like articles. Create a social channel. The possibilities are endless.
  6. Can I target content to specific business divisions / groups?
    You can create user groups to target content specifically to your audience with our comprehensive settings and restrict who sees what with just one easy click.
  7. How do I add video?
    The tools on the app make it quick and easy to embed or upload a video to share on a news article or within a page. If you allow it, users can upload video directly from their device and submit to the designated recipient.
  8. How quick/ easy is it to create content?
    Creating engaging content is quick and easy in the admin interface. Use the plugins to quickly create news, pages, forms and so much more.
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Employee Engagement Vs Experience

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