Engage with your employees

Great employee engagement strategy starts with regular communication to everyone in the business including remote and non desktop workers. Frequent & timely information helps build engagement between employer and employee and keeps the whole employee experience in positive territory. Open communication is the foundation on which a loyal workforce stands.

customised employee app

The Staffbase Employee App is part of Workvine’s portfolio of technologies provided to meet the demands of a digital workforce. As a premium Staffbase partner Workvine will help you with strategy, provision, setup and content for the App to help you Improve internal communication, engagement & retention in your business which overall improves the employee experience.

Engagement programmes

We have 9 programs that are suited to help your business increase employee engagement and create a strong positive culture. Each program will be facilitated by our engagement experts and tailored for your needs.

Depending on your requirements, our experts will work with you to recommend the best program and how to roll it out.

content strategy

A coherent narrative reinforces the value of the customised employee app, which is just as important as the technology.

Our team will guide you through the process of creating bespoke content. Content creation includes video, photography, graphics and copywriting, all designed to connect with your internal audience.

Employee Handbook

A digital employee handbook reduces the risk in your business by communicating an always up-to-date version, that is easily accessible on any device. This ensures that employees know what they can and can’t do as part of their contract of employment.

Jim Griffin
The Autins Group

We want to be the employer of choice, with the best working culture in the UK. The employee app has enabled us to bring our employees even closer together making our teams stronger and more productive.