11 Oct: Hospitality: Sectors Utilising and Initiating Technology

Over the years, technology in the workplace has become increasingly present; be it a self-serving checkout or an advanced computer software package keeping companies in the now. But in recent years, a new tool has emerged from the technological toolbox; the Employee App. Today, the key to adaptability comes in the form of an Employee App,…

27 Oct: Can an app motivate better than a manager

  For me, at the heart of motivation lies the necessity to make someone think.   Historically, conversations with other people have provided that stimulus. While the depth and subtlety of a good chat can’t easily be beaten, in our digital age there are now other options to encourage people to think about things.  …

11 Oct: Is it time to replace the intranet with something more mobile?

The intranet was often seen as a great way to boost productivity. The traditional solution of communication in the workplace, bringing a company together with its cost-effective interconnectivity. At least that’s what everyone thought when the Intranet first came to prominence in the 1990s. Indeed, the intranet offered a widespread platform which worked wonders in workplace….

11 Oct: Bye bye outdated newsletter…Hello employee app!

In a digital world say goodbye to outdated annual newsletters  Are you still using a company newsletter to distribute your company’s news? Stop what you’re doing, there’s an app for that. The annual newsletter can cost thousands to produce.  Content creation Design Print Distribution    …each have their own costs, and all cost time By using…