Who we are

In a nutshell – we champion ‘a better workplace’ where everyone is working and thinking together as one.

We go to ‘work’ for nearly 50 years of our lives, where we go needs to be a good place, a place where we can make a real contribution and a place that rewards our contribution in many different ways.
At Workvine, our vibrant, eclectic culture derives from a core team that includes serial entrepreneurs, recruitment specialists, movie directors and tech pioneers; all bound by the same motivation to lead a ‘change’ in how the workplace engages with their workforce from the very moment a new job is created through to that eventual departure. All delivered via a collaborative framework and fused with an ‘anything is possible’ attitude.

Why we do it

Our mission is to build long-term trusted, invaluable relationships, at organisational and individual levels. We want to help our customers to understand and adapt to the changing digital landscape in the workplace.

With over 25 years of experience in the b2b & recruitment sector and a life-time in the workplace, we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly side of how businesses attract,recruit,engage and train. There is real scope for improvement as we’ve seen what alienates individuals, what corrodes trust and what disenfranchises entire departments. If we can harness these new digital tools, attract the very best talent, improve employee communication, improve employee engagement, enhance our learning capabilities & productivity, the workplace will look a very attractive place to spend a good proportion of our lifetime!

Our insights

We have a wealth of practical insights where our digital solutions have helped our customers, we like to be transparent and share our stuff in an environment of mutual trust, that way we both grow our expertise and together create lasting partnerships.