Employee Development improves Business Productivity

Training methodology is changing rapidly, employee expectations of training have changed, and is expected on demand throughout their employment journey. In the future, training via mobile devices will become second nature as will the virtual classroom and learn at home. At Workvine we blend a mix of App Delivery with Video Content to help your Induction, ‘How to’ and Compliance training come to life in the hands of your workforce.

Global consistency

Access consistently delivered training at any time of day, anywhere in the world, and in any chosen language.

Knowledge distribution

Implement automated self-learning development hubs to grow knowledge and skills amongst employees across your business.

Dynamic and robust

Reduce your overhead of specialist training personnel delivering static messages with dynamic automated training programmes.

Automated training

Evolve your training processes to leverage greater efficiencies by expediting your induction process with pre-start home training. Or by automating repeat training requirements by providing 24/7 access to individual and group repositories. Or by initiating self-serve training through interactive programmes and workplace access points.

Training content

Youtube has transformed the way we ‘watch and learn’. Video-based self-learning has become a big part of the modern training landscape, particularly where language barriers and cross-border processes differ. With anytime digital access and intuitive bite-size multi-language content, unified skills and knowledge create greater team efficiencies.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Our Online Training System is a leading, multi-functional personalised learning platform.

You can easily track and monitor the performance of your employees through a blended learning approach using a range of applications that can enhance their learning experience.

Tony Clark
Operations Director

We want to engage with our employees and get them involved in change. They should to be the instigators of change and not just have change forced upon them.