workforce communication

Yield greater productivity

Our recipe for yielding greater productivity is based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, where the most basic level of need must be met before an individual will focus upon a higher level need.

In short, if employees feel safe and valued, feeling as though they belong, they will reach a state of motivated esteem and a realisation of full potential. Open communication is the foundation on which a loyal workforce stands.

Loud and clear
Loud and clear

Amplify messages to drive performance or to simply improve the mood and culture.

Open dialogue
Top to bottom

Reach and communicate with everyone – from board level to shop floor, in every corner of your business.

Ear to the ground
Open dialogue

Leverage insights gained from giving voice to your workforce, to ensure everyone feels like they are part of a larger narrative.

customised employee app

Push notifications are a game changer – the customised employee app enables you to reach everyone, anywhere at anytime with any content. Deliver current news or safety updates,  employee rewards or recognition programmes… direct to their smartphones. It also acts as a central location for other employee centric functions, and as a two-way communication tool.

content strategy

A coherent narrative reinforces the value of the customised employee app, which is just as important as the technology.

Our team will guide you through the process of creating bespoke content. Each strategic approach is different, often influenced by wider business goals. Content creation includes video, photography, graphics and copywriting, all designed to connect with your internal audience.

Jim Griffin
The Autins Group

We want to be the employer of choice, with the best working culture in the UK. The employee app has enabled us to bring our employees even closer together making our teams stronger and more productive.